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Portable fire extinguishers save lives and property by putting out small fires or containing them until the fire brigade arrives. They should only be used for fighting a fire in its very early stages.

There are a wide variety of portable fire extinguishers available, based on the type of fire they will be fighting. These differ by the extinguishing agent they expel onto a fire; the main types of extinguisher are foam, CO2, dry powder and foam. 

As well as making a provision for fire extinguishers, all efficient fire extinguisher maintenance and servicing should be in accordance with BS 5306-3 2017 and part 8 2012. This is a legal obligation and falls under the Fire Safety Order of 2005 and is outlined in article 17 of the Order. It will also keep your equipment in good working order and make sure they are always located in the correct places within your environment.

Unique Fire provides a full supply, maintenance & installation service by qualified technician’s, we carry out servicing to all makes and types of extinguishers and provide a full service, refill, testing and replacement service. All new equipment supplied is British Standard compliant and carries a 5 year warranty.

We Offer a full range of price plans to suit your business need from basic attendance fee and price per unit servicing through to fully inclusive packages where all refills, replacements and parts are all included within the pricing structure to ensure you manage your fire protection needs.

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